Bo's Bagels have been selling at local markets in the past year or so and the owners have now finally announced that they have secured a lease on 116th Street just west of 8th Avenue.  Things apparently will be moving quite quickly since an opening date is expected to happen around January of the new year which is just around the corner.  We have had many New York City bagels over the past couple of decades and Bo's is definitely the real deal.  Check out our past post from Spring for more on the local bagel makers who already have a big following in Harlem:  LINK

Black Russian, Everything Bagel, Salt, Plain, Whole Wheat, Garlic, Poppy Seed, Blueberry and more can be fond at this artisan shop that is a first for a Harlem.  We have visited the best bagel bakeries in the city and Bo's is definitely one of the top three that we have tried out in the past two decades.  Right now there is a cream cheese bar with several offerings but the smoked fish station is not quite ready yet.  Store hours start at 7:00AM and closing is when they run out of stock.  It appears that not many people know about the storefront yet so make sure to drop by to try out some really amazing bagels.  More on Bo's can be found on our past post: LINK


We had heard about a couple trying to get funds together for Harlem's first handmade bagel shop but really had to check out the quality before making any further comment.   Ashley Dikos and Andrew Martinez have been in the Mount Morris Park neighborhood for almost a decade but lamented the fact that a great bagel shop was the one thing that did not seem to be arriving in Harlem.  They went out on their own to learn the craft of creating traditional, water boiled bagels and started selling BO's Bagels at uptown's popup farmers markets.  A cult following soon ordered the bagels even during off seasons and the duo expanded into a commercial kitchen in the Bronx.  So are they any good?

Our main test of any bagel company is the Everything offering and the artisan bagel did not disappoint. As can be seen by  the above photo, the outside was nicely baked with a generous amount of seasoning which provided the required burst of flavor.  Each bagel is also obviously handmade since the shape is different from one to another and the chew is perfection.  A shop location on Lenox below 125th Street has been selected which will have the industrial kitchen in the back but $50,000 has to be raised to get things started.