Cathedral Community Cares (CCC)


The mission of Cathedral Community Cares (CCC) is to combat and alleviate poverty through preventive poverty services, education and advocacy--specifically targeting the issues of health and hunger. CCC tackles these problems on multiple fronts by addressing the immediate and beyond-emergency needs of the underserved, while seeking long-term policy solutions that will benefit both clients and the greater community. As a part of "the living Cathedral," CCC operates, coordinates and expands its direct service programs and advocacy campaigns based on the ever-unfolding, diverse needs of the community, while fostering self-sufficiency and cultivating social justice through outreach and education. For more information on Cathedral Community Cares services, please call (212) 316-7583.

The Sunday Soup Kitchen

The issues of hunger and health are addressed through an on-site congregate meal program that serves predominately homeless individuals, as well as children and families. CCC preventive poverty services include beyond-emergency information and referral services, as well as Food Stamp pre-screening for individuals and families in the immediate Cathedral community and beyond.

Sunday Food Service and Distribution

Staffed by CCC’s part-time Food Program Manager, CCC staff, and 25 – 30 Volunteers per week, CCC operates a weekly Sunday Soup Kitchen that serves breakfast at 10 am, a hot sit-down lunch at 12:30 pm, as well as a take-away brown bag meal to approximately 600 – 700 people per month, distributing a total of 18,000 – 20,000 meals per year. With no eligibility restrictions, meal services are offered to all without regard to age, gender, race, income, or denominational affiliation. Sunday Soup Kitchen meals consist of a healthy, diverse menu that includes fresh produce, a wide variety of meat/proteins, and low-salt, heart-healthy food options.

Sunday Soup Kitchen dining hours
Breakfast 10 am
Lunch 12:30 pm

If you are interested in volunteering with the Sunday Soup Kitchen, please go to and click on “Become a Volunteer." Once you’ve become a New York Cares volunteer, you can select Cathedral Community Cares as your project site. For questions, please contact Thomas Perry, (212) 316-7583.

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