Peter Luger



What is it? The Williamsburg steakhouse is over 130 years old, that staying power proves it is the ideal New York experience for any meat-eater. 

Why go? As Christina from Hell’s Kitchen says, it’s your opportunity to, “go to an eatery in the 100 Club.” Every self-respecting, meat-eating New Yorker should make the trek to Peter Luger’s for a porterhouse (or two) to celebrate their next special occasion. The digs inside, quite similar to they were over a century ago: beer hall-style with stucco walls and well-worn wooden floors. Tip: Bring a bunch of cash—the restaurant doesn’t accept credit cards.

Don’t miss: Obviously you aren’t here for the chicken, but before your steak we suggest ordering “Sliced Tomatoes and Onions with Luger’s Own sauce (for 2)”—it’s something.