Ramen At MomoFuku Noodle Bar


East Village

What is it? Ugly Delicious host David Chang’s classic ramen is the original gangster: salty, carby, spicy and damn delectable—so much so that during our first visit we may have shed a happy tear into our bowl. 

Why go? The narrow restaurant, awash in honeyed wood, is always alive with chatter and never feels obnoxious. We suggest sitting at the noodle bar so you can watch his masters in action, and get a side order of whatever looks good that night. Definitely order the pork (belly and shoulder) ramen, and since it is a proper noodle joint all your Western dining manners are thrown out so that you can “slurp noodles,” says A.J. fo Bay Ridge, “it’s the best.” 

Don’t miss: The experience no matter how long wait might. Get there at least an hour before you want to eat, leave your number and grab a beer an avenue away at HiFi Bar until your table is ready.