WiFi Details


Next-Generation Mesh Network Technology.

eero TrueMesh™ software is built from the ground up to work perfectly with eero hardware. Developed using machine learning and data collected from hundreds of thousands of real homes, TrueMesh’s dynamic routing algorithms ensure there isn’t a home layout or connected device eero hasn’t encountered before.


Network security
for the connected home

Secure Setup

Receive a single-use code via text message to gain administrative access to your network and ensure secure setup.

Automatic Updates

Unlike other WiFi systems, eero’s software updates automatically so you always have the latest features and security.

Safe Connection

eero systems use Transport Layer Security (TLS) and WPA2 encryption to maintain a secure connection between your eeros, devices, and the cloud.

Routine Audits

Regular audits of the entire eero infrastructure are run by third-party security firms.

Network Privacy

Every component of the eero system uses best-in-class encryption and security protocols to keep your network and data secure.



Premium protection
for our network.

eero Plus is a premium subscription service that expands eero’s built-in protection to help keep your personal information, connected devices, and kids safe online. With eero Plus, get advanced control at the network-level, across all your devices — no extra hardware required.

What you get with eero Plus:

Regular, automatic software updates

WPA2-only encryption

Encrypted connections between node, cloud, and app

End-to-end third party security tests

One-time passwords

Block suspicious devices





VPN app

Password manager

Ad block

VIP support

Keep your private information private.

By encrypting your traffic and routing through remote servers, a VPN creates a private connection to the internet that keeps your data secure, even when you’re on public WiFi. eero Plus members will get access to encrypt.me, a respected VPN app that works on both mobile and desktop, that you can download on an unlimited number of supported devices in addition to user accounts.

Check with Luther for the network & current password.