Paper & Cardboard


  • Newspapers, magazines, catalogs

  • White and colored paper (including lined, copier, and computer paper; staples are acceptable)

  • Mail and envelopes (any color; window envelopes are acceptable)

  • Paper bags

  • Wrapping paper

  • Soft-cover books (such as paperbacks and comics; no spiral bindings), telephone books


  • Cardboard egg cartons and trays

  • Smooth cardboard (such as food and shoes boxes, tubes, file folders, and cardboard from product packaging)

  • Pizza boxes; remove and discard soiled liner, and recycle plastic supporter in your blue bin

  • Paper cups (waxy lining is acceptable if the cups are empty and clean; plastic lids go in the blue bin)

  • Corrugated cardboard boxes, flattened and tied

Not Accepted:

  • Paper with heavy wax or plastic coating (such as candy wrappers, and take-out containers)

  • Soiled or soft paper

  • Hardcover books

Metal, Glass, Plastic & Cartons

Empty and rinse containers before recycling.


  • Metal cans (including soup and pet food cans, empty aerosol cans, dried-out paint cans)

  • Aluminum foil wrap and trays

  • Metal caps and lids

  • Household metal (such as wire hangers, pots, tools, curtain rods, knives, small appliances that are mostly metal, and certain vehicle license plates)

  • Bulk metal (such as large metal items like furniture, cabinets, and large appliances)



  • Glass bottles

  • Glass jars


Plastic & rigid plastic:

Plastic bottles, jugs, and jars

  • Rigid plastic caps and lids

  • Rigid plastic food containers (such as yogurt, deli, or hummus containers; dairy tubs, cookie tray inserts, " clamshell " containers, and other plastic take-out containers)

  • Rigid plastic non-food containers

  • Rigid plastic packaging (such as " blister-pack " and " clamshell " consumer packaging, acetate boxes)

  • Rigid plastic housewares (such as flower pots, mixing bowls, and plastic appliances)

  • Bulk rigid plastic (like crates, buckets, pails, furniture, large toys, and large appliances)


  • Food and beverage cartons (such as cartons for soy milk and soup)

  • Drink boxes

  • Aseptic packaging

Not Accepted:

Batteries (remove before recycling toys and small appliances)

Plastic bags, wrappers, pouches, squeeze tubes, foam

 Trash Pick Up Days

Monday (AM) - Trash

Wensday (AM) - Trash

Friday (AM) - Trash & Recycles

Important Info. -  Never place trash on the sidewalk directly.  Never place any trash in hallways or anywhere within the building. Always place trash in the correct trash can when possible.  Please never leave trash outside of the trash can as the lose exposed trash will attract rodents.  If we no longer have space in the correct garbage can please add the trash to the other trash cans.  You do not need to wait for trash pick up days to bring down your trash,  it is recommended and encouraged that all trash be brought down by Thursdays.  

Please contact Luther if you have any questions.