My experience here has been excellent. The quality and the freshness of the apartment was super. For me, the location was perfect, just a couple of minutes walk to Columbia University campus. I believe I was very lucky picking this place, and I can really recommend it!   Rebecca

I unreservedly recommend this apartment. It is a few minutes walk to Columbia University and the subway station. The buses take you directly to Harlem. It is safe. I would often return home, a woman on my own, past 1am, no problem. Not even a scare. The apartments are clean and very well-maintained. The kitchen equipment in my apartment was top of the line. Best of all, the landlord lives on the ground floor with his lovely family. He was near when I needed him and he always respected my privacy. The time I was in New York was the first time I stayed away from home. I thought I would be lost and miserable, but L and his family became as family to me. When I heard that my old dog had died at home, I was devastated and turned to L who was there to comfort me. Absolutely solid kindness and caring, no intrusion. The guy who helps with repairs, Ed, is a brick. The right place to live at must be top of your agenda. It can be lonely, the place could be pest infested, you might find yourself in a dodgy/sketchy location, and so on. I repeat, think safety first, then convenience and comfort. I think so fondly of my home in NY, I sometimes even pull up the location on the Internet, just to look at it.   Margaret

My mom and I have lived at Luther’s apartment for six weeks, it was not long but we deeply enjoyed our lives at New York City. 
There are two supermarkets in the neighbour, Central Markets is the one my mom and I frequently went to. Organic forever is a great place for organ food lovers. The community is safe and convenient. 
Luther is very kind and generous. He gave us a tour around the community to show the supermarkets and paths to places we wanted to go to, which was pretty amazing. Also, he has prepared everything we need for the stay at NYC. There was a washing + drying machine in our apartment (although it takes forever to finish both work…approximately 8 hours for a normal process, it has made our lives so much easier so that we don’t have to carry two big fat bags of clothes to a laundry store and pick them up in time). The air conditioner in the bedroom has literally saved my life. Summer in the city was so hot that the fans would not be enough to cool you down when the sun is out. Luther has two daughters and they can both speak Chinese! It’s just too bad that we din’t get to meet them.

In conclusion, this was my fourth time being in New York City and it was the best living experience here. Everything is handy and Luther is very helpful & friendly. I hope I could live under Luther’s care next time at NYC.Thank you very much, Luther!  Annie

I and my wife rented the parlor floor unit in the townhouse from July 2015 to January 2016.
The unit is spacious, airy, quiet and very bright, sunny, with a beautiful view on Morningside Park.
The area is wonderful, 2 blocks away the subway (Cathedral Station), Starbucks, farmers market (every saturday) and central park north.  
The heart of Harlem (125th street) is just 12 blocks away.
The unit is also well equipped with a excellent bathroom, spacious bedroom, Apple TV and confortable couch, allowing the frequent use of the kitchen (we used it almost every day) with all utilities.
Access to Columbia University is very quick and safe, even if you want to cross the Morningside Park.
Above all else, we were very happy with the great support given throughout the period by Luther, who showed himself to be very responsible and attentive to all our needs, all the time.
We arrived in NYC in the middle of summertime, and Luther provided a new air conditioning in the bedroom and new garment racks. 
Luther never delays in answer every single question you can have.
We hope in our next returns to NY we can stay under the Luther care.
Elton & Thaís (from Brazil)

Living in this apartment was absolutely wonderful. The space is huge, immensely comfortable, and the furnishings are top-of-the-line. All of the appliances work well and the washer/dryer in the bathroom is a huge plus. The front windows face Morningside Park and bring in great light. The building itself is gorgeous and all the other tenants were quiet and respectful. The landlord - Luther - lives in the building and makes sure it always stays clean and functional. He is extremely prompt about fixing anything. There were no bad suprises at all upon moving in, in fact, everything we learned about the place after signing the lease was an added plus (heated bathroom floors, DVR, etc.)

In any part of the country this space would be tremendous, but in NYC its an unbelievable find. The only reason we are moving is for work - otherwise we would stay forever! I cant reccommend this apartment highly enough.

Luther was my landlord for 2 years and I cant imagine living anywhere else! The apartment was extremely nice (definitely the best property I saw) and the price was right considering the quality of the space. Luther was extremely responsive if ever anything needed fixed. I really loved my apartment! More than anything, the building felt safe and welcoming thanks to Luther. And this made all the difference for my experience in NYC as a young woman. Thanks Luther!   Samar

I rented an apartment from Luther for a two month stay in New York and I have nothing but the best to say. Luther was friendly, helpful and professional. He was always responsive to inquiries and needs (before, during and after my rental). The apartment was very nice and clean, and had all of the amenities and furnishings someone could need and more. Everything in the apartment worked well. Luther takes great care of his building and his tenants. I have no hesitation recommending him: in a large city like New York, Luther and his building are real gems!

West Harlem/Morningside in particular is now one of my favorite parts of New York City; there is a beautiful sense of history and community you get when you live in this area. I had a very easy transition because of Luther’s experience working with internationals and his familiarity with different cultures, the logistics of housing in New York can be very stressful and it was great to have a friendly and incredibly accessible landlord. More importantly, it was comforting to be living in a residence that was highly taken care of, and included a great mix of people from interesting backgrounds.  "Location, this apartment was great in many ways. As a Columbia Student, it was a 10 - 15 minute walk to campus, for which I got to walk through the park and get a little activity each day (beautiful scene when it snows too!). Its also a couple minutes walk from the 110th B,C train, which meant I could very easily get around the city using public transport regardless of rain and snow. There is also a bus stop right around the block, which goes downtown and also hits WholeFoods on the way. What I really liked was that our street, Manhattan Ave was on the quieter side, but one avenue over on Frederick Douglass Blvd has a great range of entertainment and dining places."   My favorite part was definitely the gorgeous view overlooking the park, and the fact that the space was always bright. It’s a quiet street, primarily residential, but it was also great to peer out and see the park festivities every once in a while. Its also great to be right across the street from Morningside Park, and especially a couple minutes from Central Park North – this was something I really appreciated with the location, being able to easily get to the quieter side of Central park and enjoy a great jog.  Sahar K



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